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   Cosmic indicators do not promise utopian results. Like the ancients, each of us must heed the passage of time in the Solar, Lunar, and planetary rhythms, answer to their stipulations, and thereby cultivate their rewards. In this way one becomes the sower of one’s own destiny and the reaper of life’s promise.
– Rosemary Clark,   Astro*Logic

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Mars the Red

Season of Pisces: February 18 – March 20, 2021
The Well of Memory

    When the Sun enters Pisces, we enter the cosmic sea of timelessness and rejuvenation, where we may encounter the spirits of water – divinities who have been both honored and feared from the beginning of time.

    In Babylon there is Tiamat, the primordial being who lives in the waters of the abyss before time became manifest. Through her we are connected to the ancient sea on which our hopes and aspirations sail – the collective unconscious. And so we may use this time to tap into our spiritual reservoir and draw on the strengths we often forget.

    In ancient Egypt, the water goddess initially takes form as the frog-headed Heqet, dweller in the primordial swamp. She is the source of cosmic proliferation, the bringer of births in all dimensions of celestial life. Heqet brings life to the barren, and in this cycle we can depend on her for inspiration and the visions of what is possible.

    In the physical world, the Egyptian Nut is the mother of the starry heavens, the keeper of exalted spirits in the guise of celestial asterisms, mistress of enchantments in the incubation sleep of the temple. Through Nut we may remain connected to our ancestral heritage, both human and divine. She also takes us to the well of memory, past and future.

Nut, Egyptian Sky Goddess

Nut, Sky Goddess of Ancient Egypt

Nymph Lotis

Naiad nymph of springs of the river Sperkheios
– Otto Theodore Gustav Lingner (1856-1917)
    The nature spirits of ancient Greece assume great number as water nymphs – the Nereides (goddesses of the Sea), Naiads (beings of fresh water, brooks and foundation stones), and Oceanids (powerful children of Oceanus and Tethys). Each is a mirror of wisdom, enchantment, or inspiration, and each is a gift we may access in the cycle of Piscean contemplation.

    Pisces, last sign in the annual cycle of the Zodiac, marks a period of completion and preparation for a new journey. The Ichthys (twin fish), who represent Aphrodite and Eros in disguise, swim in the waters of baptism, where we are not cleansed of any mortal stain invented by false prophets, but returned to the amniotic waters of renewal and made whole again.

Goddess Times

    March 1st is a day sacred to Juno Lucina “bringer of light” (Greek: Hera), guardian of women in childbirth. It was celebrated in ancient times in the festival of Matronalia, when women would unbind their hair and remove all knotted clothing, to dispel any hinderings of a safe childbirth. For husbands, it was customary to bring offerings to the temples for the well being of their wives and children. The day was also honored by the Vestals, keepers of the royal genealogies and divinatory records of the temples.

    The realm of Hera, like the Egyptian Nut, is the open sky. Appropriate rituals at this time include offering bowls of water at the family shrine to quench our thirst for security and solidarity among the shared blood, daily ablutions performed to remind us of  the coming Spring, and sacred baths for evoking dream and vision states.

    March 8th is International Women’s Day. This is a time to honor all who bring life into the world and ensure that in some way we support safe and accessible childbearing resources. If you know a physician, midwife, or family counselor, show your acknowledgment and appreciation. Likewise for all organizations – local and global – dedicated to providing health care for the safe delivery of children in countries less fortunate than ours.

    Cosmic Events

    The Sun enters Pisces on February 18th at 5:44 am with four planets rising in Aquarius at the U.S. capital. Idealistic forces are forthcoming but all is restrained by Pluto in Capricorn, lagging behind this Stellium. Hostile forces to peace remain behind the scenes, though their intentions are uncovered as the Sun progresses toward its ruling planet Neptune in the coming three weeks.
The Moon moves to a conjunction with Mars, usually indicating a contentious period, but... with NASA’s rover “Persistence” landed successfully on the planet today, science overcomes the resistance to progress.

    Mercury turns to direct motion on February 20th at 7:52 pm (11º Aquarius 01’) positioned between the 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cyclic conjunction. Mercury’s stations (retrograde and forward) bring resolution from past errors and recalibration. Major decisions are revisited and reconstituted for going forward. For the present, some errors from past, emotionally-charged mandates will be dropped in favor of logical resolution.

    The Full Moon takes place on February 27th at 3:17 am (8º Virgo 57’) with matters of public health and economic stability at the forefront. With the Virgo-Pisces axis in the Second House of Financial Activity and the Eighth House of Assets, attention to budgets and fiscal matters predominate. Jupiter and Saturn in this picture point to necessary sacrifices to provide benefits, Mercury and Venus indicate idealistic goals muted by the immediate needs of the health sector.

    The New Moon takes place on March 13th at 5:21 am (23º Pisces 03’) with nearly every planet and luminary in Earth’s view rising for attention at the U.S. capital. Pluto’s trail diminishes, indicating the slow decline of the pandemic’s power and the usurpers of order. Following this, Saturn continues his dour restraint on progress, through some authoritarian, “old school” thinkers. But Jupiter and Mercury move ahead, garnering public attention with innovative plans for growth and social expansion that may come through corporate innovation. Financial support for the public is forthcoming, and the pleasant Venus-Neptune conjunction provide good news in the development of treatment and alleviation of the prevailing health crisis.

Season of Aquarius: January 19 – February 18, 2021

Coming of a New Era

    The Sun entered Capricorn on December 21st, 2020, marking the beginning of a new season  with the Winter Solstice. The Capricorn ingress is regarded as the predictor of world events for the coming year and on this occasion we had three significant conjunctions that point to three major themes for 2021.

    The pairs are: Sun-Mercury, Jupiter-Saturn, and Moon-Neptune. These figures embody three scenarios that will influence major events peaking with the seasonal change at the Spring Equinox (March 20, 2021).

    The Sun-Mercury conjunction is not unusual, it indicates the beginning of a Solar cycle with new information, as occurs with some Sign changes throughout the year prior to Mercury’s retrograde cycle. It points to developments that gradually come to light and will alter the course of events. This time, the pattern marks the inception of different leadership with the dominance of information, communication, and new paths to knowledge. Later this month, Mercury when turns to retrograde motion, the time will provide additional opportunity to review or revise past information that will provide clarity and direction.

    The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction promotes the recalibration of socio-economic values and dramatic changes in religious (Jupiter) and political (Saturn) movements that will certainly impact science and scholarship in the next two decades. This conjunction occurs every 20 years, bringing inevitable change, though it often presages conflict, assassinations, and upheavals in the social order before peaceful resolutions are accomplished. This time, the “grand conjunction” (as it has been known to skywatchers from antiquity) falls in the Air element Sign of Aquarius, pointing to revolution and sweeping change from the past 20-year cycle. This may not be peasant or peaceful, but the next 20-year cycle will alter the status quo and pave the way for evolutionary developments.

    The Moon-Neptune conjunction – a separating aspect – clearly illustrates the global pandemic that remains encompassing yet diminishing in power, though it now finds  haven – and perhaps final resolution – in the 4th House of U.S. terra firma.

2020 Capricorn ingress          2021 Aquarius ingress
2020 Capricorn Ingress                                                                                                2021 Aquarius Ingress

Brighid Cross

The Brighid Cross is a talisman signifying the four Cross-Quarter festivals in the Celtic year.
    Sacred Calendar

    The Celtic Midwinter festival of Imbolc is celebrated on February 2nd, the first of four cross-quarter festivals (falling between a solstice and an equinox) in the pagan year. Imbolc is derived from the term for “sheep's milk,” hence it is a festival welcoming the birth and first cleansing of newborn lambs.

    Though traditionally a time given to predicting if winter will linger (a precursor to Groundhog Day), it is a spiritual doorway that promotes divination. Originally associated with deities of fire, the purification of hearth and lighting of candles are rituals enacted to bring forth the powers of light.

    Associated with this season are virgin deity/saints (St. Brigid and St. Kinnia of Ireland), child goddesses (Kumari of Nepal), and gods as young men (Ganymede, abducted by Zeus and placed in the heavens as Aquarius).

    Appropriate goddess rituals for this season include the passing of fire from hearth to lamp (Roman: Vesta), invocations to the divinities of learning and record keeping (Egyptian: Ma’at and Seshat), healing rites that convey sustenance (Greek: Hygeia and Hindu: Parvati), and clothing sacred images (Greek: Athena and Egyptian: Taiyet). Offerings include candles, butter, cheese, and linen.

Cosmic Events

        The Sun enters Aquarius on January 19th at 3:40 pm with a Sun-Saturn conjunction that brings winter’s gloom to the forefront, yet in the following days the Sun conjoins optimistic Jupiter, setting the stage for an enthusiastic approach to coming challenges. The Aries Moon moves fast to soften the volatility of a Mars-Uranus conjunction that has fed the hostilities toward leadership. Neptune on the hidden side of the Midheaven at the U.S. capitol indicates undisclosed information that will come to light during this season.

Hapi, Lord of the Nile

     The Full Moon takes place on January 28th at 2:16 pm (9º Leo 05') with a fortunate Sun-Jupiter conjunction, sweeping away the doldrums of winter and strengthening economic conditions. A grand stellium of five planets (Pluto, Venus, Saturn, Sun, Jupiter) fall in the U.S. Eighth House of Finance, pointing to movement forward, new policies, and the resolution of recent obstacles.

     Mercury turns to retrograde motion on January 30th at 7:54 pm (26º Aquarius 28’),  with the Moon rising at the capitol, emphasizing the public mood and needs. The usual setbacks in contracts and communication can be expected, but the messenger’s presence in the Sixth House of Health suggests delays and irregularity. The focus falls in the Fifth House of Schools and the Leisure industries (sports, entertainment, recreation, tourism), slowly reemerging from their pandemic slumber.

      The New Moon takes place on February 11th at 2:06 pm (23º
Aquarius 17')  with a grand Stellium of six planets in the Sign of the Waterbearer. All previous indicators – the 20 year Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of December 21st, Pluto’s descent below the ecliptic path in November 2018, the passage of the interstellar visitor 'Oumuamua in 2017 – come to fruition with this planetary convergence as former models of society are diminished and a process of rebuilding begins.

     This New Moon inaugurates the Lunar New Year of the White Metal Ox, an image that embodies the element Earth, the queen mother, late Summer season, and the Southwest direction. According to tradition, the I Ching hexagram for the year is #36 Ming Yi, “The Darkening of the Light.” The Wilhelm translation speaks of retreating to the inner light when darkness descends and its duration is unknown. Thus, we learn the extent of our inner light that in its time, illuminates our outer world. This is the liberation that awaits us.

Year White Metal Ox
Year of the White Metal Ox

Hexagram 36



Lunar eclipse

(*) U.S. Time Zones
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Pacific Time         – 3 hours
Mountain Time    – 2 hours
Hawai’i-Alaska    – 5 hours
Dsylight Time March 14th – November 7th, 2021

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