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Sistrum Player  
Sistrum Stand Sistrum on standTri-Copper
Single Tier

Hoop:  4 in. • Handle: 8.5 in.
Overall height: 12.5 in.
Tambors: 7 Pair

$ 80.00

Natural Cherrywood handle supports a sturdy solid copper hoop embedded in a 3 in. dia. wood disc with copper finish. Hoop is 1.25 in. width and features a set of 1.25-in. dia. copper tambors strung on solid copper bar.
Sistrum Stand

Solid Hickory with Copper Finish Rest
No-scratch felt bottom
Height: 8.5 in.

Sold only with Single Tier Copper Sistrum

Single  Tier
Copper Sistrum
with Stand

Overall Height 13.5 in.

$ 105.00
Triple Tier Copper
Master Sistrum

Hoop:  5.5 in. • Handle: 10 in.
Overall height: 15.5 in.
Tambors: 7 Pair

$ 115.00

Solid hardwood handle supports Copper hoop with three copper bars, each strung with 1.25 in. dia. copper tambors and copper tubes. Neck is decorated with brass & copper bands with red crystal beads. Weight: 1.21 lb.

Limited Availability – Few Left

   In ancient Egypt, the creation was envisioned as a spoken act of the primeval gods. The resonance of that event then brought the visible universe into being. This moment was recreated in ancient ceremony with the sounds of sacred instruments in the temple. Drum, tambourine, and sistra (singular: sistrum) were ritually sounded to bring the powers of creation into the temple environment.

   Sistrums were particularly associated with the Egyptian goddesses – who were not token counterparts to masculine deities, but in many scenarios were creatrixes of a particular branch in the lifestream. Ceremonial instruments such as the sistrum represented their power to bring life into the temple. Especially sacred to Isis and Hathor, they were part of the mystic ceremonies of daily awakening the divine presence in the sanctuary. And in healing ceremonies, the rhythm was also believed to emanate the powers of protection and restoration.

                               My sistrum player is before me, Building my mansions,
                               She presents offerings,
                               That she may live and honor the monthly festival
                               In the company of those who also wear the linen,
                               For she has seen the divine face.

   These sistra have been custom made from  similar materials used by the ancient craftsmen – precious woods, copper, brass, and resins. In ancient times, fine linen was wrapped around the handle with decorative streamers for use in processionals. The metallic parts may be polished and the instrument may be placed in a covered box or stored safely on its stand when not in use.

Our Temple Tools™  are primarily fabricated for ceremonial use. They conform as authentically as possible to the ancient Egyptian canon of design, yet are sturdy and created to last. All are handcrafted in the U.S. of heirloom-quality natural materials – wood, metal, finish oils and stains.

Sceptres at Philae
Ankh sceptre Ankh stand Ankh on Stand
Ankh Sceptre
$ 80.00
Composite Wood with Layered Gold Finish
Height: 11.125 in. • 5.625 in wide
• .75 in. thick • Weight: 8 oz.
Ankh Stand

Solid Hickory
No-scratch felt bottom
Height: 12 in. • Weight: 10.6 oz.
Sold with Ankh Sceptre
Ankh with Stand
$ 100.00

Overall Height: 12.5 in.
Weight: 18.6 oz.

Our Sistra and Ankh Sceptres
on the Altar at the
Sanctuary of Isis, Philae


Ceremonial birthing instrument

Hardwood Handle
Ceramic Blade
12-in. Length


Incense Offering Claw

Hardwood Handle
Ceramic Claw
Heat-Resistant Bowl
14-in. Length


Seb Ur
Seb Ur
Ceremonial Adze

Stained or Layered Gold Lacquer
  Raw Quartz Blade
12-in. Length


Hardwood Pair
Black lacquer with layered gold edges
7-in. sides


Ur Hekau on stand Ur Hekau
Wand on Stand

Serpentine Hardwood with Copper fittings
(Horns and Sun Disc)
Inlaid Eyes
14-in. Length
Hardwood Stand

Ur Hekau detail
    Components of your ceremonial tools may be customized.

• Metal: Copper or brass, thick gauge.

• Woods: Oak, Cherrywood, Cedar, Birch.

• Other exotic woods are available at times – Purple Heart, Walnut, Mahogany – we will advise.

• Wood stains: Mahogany, Cherry, Walnut, Golden Oak, or clear finish on natural wood.

• Stones: Amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz for the tip of the Seb Ur (adze).

• Semi-Precious eye stones may be Tiger Eye, Amethyst

A detailed monograph on the Ceremony of the Opening of the Mouth and the use of these sceptres is included with each order.

    Small Shrines
Gold Interior
Closed Shrine

Emerald Shrine
Cedar Shrine
Traditional Egyptian Naos with Cavetto Cornice
Fantasy Shrines – Exotic Woods with Stained Glass Doors
   Naoi are custom made to fit the image that will reside within. This small design houses an image from 10-in. to 12 in. height that can be placed inside. Outside dimensions are 10 in. wide with an overall height of 15 in. that includes a 1.25 in. high square base. Roof is flat but can be fabricated in slope or pyramidion design at additional cost. Doors and interior can be painted or natural wood. This model features a sandstone finish with layered gold painted doors and interior.
 $ 125 plus shipping

   Designs can reflect the dwellings of nature spirits and indigenous deities from any culture. These examples are made with classic and aromatic Cedar. Other choices include Hickory, Oak, Purple Heart, and Bloodwood. Stained glass doors can be single or double, glass is available in swirled patterns and solid. Choose a color and photo samples will be emailed. These models range from 13 to 15 in. height. Special materials will increase price quote.
$ 125 plus shipping

Single and Double Shrines
Set's House

House of Isis
Set House

Double Shrine
   This custom naos houses a single image, 14-18 in. high. It is 11 in. wide with an overall height of 22-in. that includes a 1.25 high square base. It features a textured stone outer finish, solid Bloodwood doors, layered gold lacquer pyramidion roof, deep red painted interior, and polished black granite interior stone floor.
Single Shrine $300
(Not including granite stone floor)
   This  naos will house one image 14-18 in. high with room for offerings, or two images. It has an overall height of 22 in. that includes a 1.25  solid wood outer step. It features a textured stone outer finish, solid Cedar doors, layered gold lacquer sloped roof, crown molding, and Cedar-lined interior.
Double Shrine $400
(Not including wood interior lining)
Roof style for the single and double shrine is flat; the pyramidion roof Per Nezer (“palace of fire”) and the sloped roof Per Ur (“palace of the south”), additional $50.
Since each shrine is custom made for your image(s) and temple style, a detailed price list (with photo examples) can be provided for the many options available.

 Canopic Set
A Unique Canopic Set...
   We have long searched for well-crafted canopic sets, and this exquisite collection from Egypt is ideal for altar and ceremonial use. Jar bases are 2.5 in. high, the detailed lids range in height from 1.5 in.  (Imset) to 2.25 in. (Daumutef), all are proportionate. The set is made of solid brass, each figure has a removable lid and interior cavity that will accommodate up to 1.5 oz. liquid. The jars are inscribed with the hieroglyphic names and figures of each canopic god. Weight of set: 1.625 lb.
Set of Four, $60 plus shipping

All items from the Caravanserai are shipped to U.S. addresses only. Shipping for images and sceptres is $10 by USPS Priority Mail, insured with delivery confirmation.
Custom orders are shipped via FedEx and delivery charge will be added to the quote.
We ask that you first email us of your interest and to ensure availability of the item. You will then be sent a confirmation by email.
For custom orders, we will email a quote and delivery date following receipt of your specifications. You may then proceed with payment.
Payment We accept PayPal payments online. After confirmation of availability from us you may choose an option below. Or if you prefer, you may send a check or money order to:

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