Rosemary Clark’s pursuit of Sacred Science began in 1969 with the study of theosophy and comparative religious traditions. Three years later, she founded Astro*Logic for the practice and instruction of astrological technique and philosophy.

   She served two terms as president of the Midwest Astrological Association (1976-80), and has penned numerous astrology features in newspapers and magazines. She has also taught astrological techniques at colleges and institutions in Chicago, New York, and Hawai’i and continues to consult for a worldwide clientele. Besides her three books on sacred traditions, she is currently completing an in-depth astrological interpretation series, Planetary Patterns: Your Celestial Geometry  and Horoscope Houses: Your Celestial Geography.

     • American Federation of Astrologers, Professional Level (1975)     •     Certification through Professional Astrologers, Inc. (1975)

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• Genethliacal Astrology: (also referred to as Natal Astrology) explores the dimensions of self, personality, and environment. Patterns of experience from birth to the present are examined through your natal horoscope. Looking at the future, probabilities emerge for career, marriage and bonding, family potential, a health profile, and your psychospiritual life. Your individuality is uppermost, and we will discover ways in which it can be expressed to give meaning and enrich your life – emotionally and materially.

• Directions: (an adjunct to Natal Astrology) the predictive practice of astrology. We look at event patterns in your natal horoscope, and then chart out upcoming trends. Three methods are employed in your forecast to assure predictive accuracy: Secondary Progressions, Transits, and Solar Arcs. These are indexed for the coming year, commencing with the month that your consultation takes place. A full interpretation is rendered for these trends. Directions are usually composed on an annual basis.

• Synastry: (Chart Comparison) provides two individuals (or a group) with an analysis of their relationship. Potential for business partnership, marriage or bonding, travel and other enterprises is viewed by looking at the horoscopes together and weighing the interactions of planets, Signs, and aspects. A Composite chart, which is derived from the horoscopes, is also drawn up to view patterns which may be shared. The current Directions are also computed for indications of commitment, separation, or joint ventures.

• Relocational Astrology: Are you in the right place? We can examine two relocation horoscopes to judge possibilities in a new place for career, health, relationships, and personal safety. Factors in your horoscope at the birthplace are also profiled against the new destination. Besides the two relocated horoscopes, you will also receive a full cartography map of the world, illustrating your safe and critical places with interpretations for all time zones.

• Rectification: A technique used if there is no precise record of the birth time. In a rectification, past events are compiled in an interview to determine a profile of astrological factors; your appearance, health, and personality are also considered. The technique is essentially working a chart backward from the present to the past. Rectifications may be simple or they may be complex and time-consuming, depending upon the span of time that must be narrowed down to derive a working horoscope. Always check family records and living relatives for clues to your birthtime

   My view of Astrology is that it provides you with a realistic view of your future potential and the timetable you will need to achieve it. Astrology shows us that all events are set into motion by our cosmic script and nothing happens by chance. Often, we are aware of pending conditions that the astrological reading merely confirms. 
 – Rosemary Clark


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