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Toward a Mastery of Sacred Science

Cosmic Resonance
    Understanding the order in the cosmic worlds through the study of sacred astronomy allows us to work in the ebb and flow of divine cycles. We may then rise above the transitory nature of reality and enter the world of timeless time, where nature, gods, and humanity meet in harmony.

Esoteric Architecture
    By placing ourselves in the symbolic environment of the ancient temple, we best understand the Egyptian world view and acquire access to their legendary wisdom.

    While the theoretical study of Egypt’s religion and philosophy may satisfy our intellectual curiosity, its profound wisdom is best apprehended through practical experience. Scholars now term the ancient practice of magic as “ritual power,” a more accurate term that represents the ancient unity of religion and metaphysical workings.

    Our viewpoint is that all who profess a connection to this tradition should be encouraged to explore and articulate it, so that our knowledge and understanding of the past and its legacy can be enlarged. There is acceptance of the metaphysical world view, but it is focused primarily in the Sacred Science of ancient Egypt. No academic, spiritual, or moral authority is claimed; the individual's experiences and interpretations are central in all teachings and practices.

    Temple Harakhte  is a non-profit religious education forum dedicated to the dissemination of ancient Egyptian spirituality and the practice of Sacred Science. It was founded in 1975 by Rosemary Clark to guide metaphysical students toward an objective retrieval of memories and experiences from life in ancient Egypt. In the following year she journeyed on the first of several extended pilgrimages to Egypt and met a distinguished pioneer in this realm –  Omm Sety of Abydos, who disclosed a conscious memory of life in ancient Egypt along with an innate knowledge of its spiritual tradition. That tradition is acknowledged in the many records the ancients left, but it is barely understood by either academic or metaphysical experts today.

     For individuals who seek a comprehensive plan of study and experience in the ancient Egyptian canon, the temple offers a unique and affordable Seminarian Program.

    For groups who seek a plan for enlarging their spiritual practice, the temple periodically offers an Open Program of workshops and guided journeys to sacred places.

    For those seeking the beautiful and unique, our Caravanserai offers high quality products and materials for study and use in the temple environment.
Mammisi of Nectanebo at Dendera
Mammisi of Nectanebo
Philae Sanctuary

Sanctuary of Isis, Philae


    There are no degrees conferred, only affiliation with Temple Harakhte as an Associate Member. When the Seminarian Program is completed, the Associate Member receives a temple charter and endorsement of proficiency in the temple liturgy and protocols.

     Associate Members are encouraged to form their own temples, both in locality and scope of  practice. Each temple retains autonomy and remains affiliated for as long as the Temple Harakhte liturgy and protocols are employed.

     Existing temples may apply for affiliation when Seminarian Program is completed by its founder or representative.

    Open Program participants are invited to temple convocations that emphasize study, practice, and travel to sacred places. We welcome family members, friends, and associates of both programs.

    It is a privilege to live in an age where religious understanding is acknowledged as essential to the peace and prosperity of all. Our aim is to cultivate that understanding and to appreciate the beliefs of all persons regardless of race, color, creed, gender, or ancestry.

Dendera west staircase

Western staircase, Dendera Temple

Seminarian  Program

Praxis of Sacred Science – A Correspondence Study Course in Two Levels

Level One: Iri Per Neter – Creation of the Divine House

Level Two: Iri Akh – Creation of the Light Body

    A total of fourteen (14) instructions comprise the course, each dedicated to the esoteric theory and practice of the core references –  the seven chapters of The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt  (Llewellyn Worldwide 2000) and the seven chapters of The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt  (Llewellyn Worldwide 2003). Other books are recommended, but these works are all that are required. The material in the instructions is far in advance of what is already presented in the core references.

    In addition to instructional material for study and practice, personal guidance is offered throughout the course. It is available only by postal subscription and an outline of the instruction plan can be provided by request to a verifiable address.

   The Seminarian Program may be pursued at your own pace. Each instruction is paid for as it is ordered or attended. Exams are gauged to promote the student’s review and interpretation of esoteric material, with the goal to stimulate insight rather than merely memorize data and routines.

Advanced Praxis

    These are events periodically offered to subscribers of the Seminarian Program at various locations throughout the U.S. They are optional to the Seminarian Program, though they provide experiential training based on the published liturgy and the Reserved Practicum of Temple Harakhte – initiatory and investiture rites. They are designed to enhance the development of ritual conduct, ceremonial observances, sacred astronomy, and divination skills.

Osiris Chapel at Abydos

Osiris Chapel at Temple of
Sety I, Abydos

Philae Island
   Our Sacred Egypt Expeditions are organized pilgrimages for on-site study and practice. They are open to those who are participating in any level of the Praxis. These pilgrimages round out the Seminarian program, to provide an opportunity for bringing into focus one's personal relationship with ancient Egypt.  The journeys are designed to be unique and affordable. Visits to the sacred sites are guided, with opportunities to practice liturgy and ritual privately or with your group. The open program is arranged in two optional and affordable 8-day plans and one extended 15-day plan.

     • Pyramid Complexes and Art of the Old Kingdom (Lower Egypt) and Graeco-Roman Alexandria – 8 Days

     • Nile Excursion to the Temples of the Middle and New Kingdoms (Upper Egypt) – 8 Days

     • Sacred Egypt Expedition – exploring temples, tombs, and pyramids in the light of Sacred Science – 15 Days

     • Additional studies in the Hermetic and Islamic traditions – Alexandria, Cairo – 4 Days

Temples of Isis, Philae

Sacred Egypt Expeditions –  14 days in Upper and Lower Egypt with Reserved Instruction
Caravanserai –  books, instructional materials, and our custom Temple Tools – shrines, sceptres, and sistra.

               Sacred Tradition    Sacred Magic    Shrine      Ankh sceptre      Sistrum
Reach the Temple
    If you would like to know more about Temple Harakhte and how to benefit from Egypt’s Sacred Science in your life and work, please contact the temple for a personal reply.
    All information will be provided to you on applying for the study, cost of materials, and participating in our expeditions.

1314 Sixth Street S.E. • Charlottesville VA 22902-6302 • E-mail: Praxis@templeharakhte.org

Your queries and comments are welcome, and I thank you for allowing me the privilege to share in your discovery of Egypt’s spiritual legacy.
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