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   Ancient legends and cosmogonies equipped the living with the wisdom and skills needed to understand their environment and live in harmony with it. We are not so equipped in the modern age, despite the advances of science and industry. This is undoubtedly why we look to past cultures for the strengths and insights we miss.

      Yet we are still the same as our predecessors in fundamental ways – we desire to belong to that which is greater than ourselves, to transcend the ills of our civilization, and understand our divine origins. For these reasons, Egypt's Sacred Tradition has great relevance today.

        Two vital books now disclose the ancient Egyptian view of human life and its inextricable connection to the natural and divine worlds.

     They examine in detail the technology the ancients used for thousands of years to maintain this connection and its value to modern practitioners... Sacred Science.

Egypt’s legacy  begins with the knowledge and practice of Sacred Science, a spiritual technology the Egyptians employed for thousands of years in recorded history. Evidence of this Sacred Science is abundant – in the design and construction of their monuments that can not be duplicated today, in the practice of mummification that continues to fascinate us, and in the record of superior skill in medicine – to name a few.

     But what was the aim of this technology?

     The Egyptians were very clear about such philosophical questions and answered them consistently. The aim of their spiritual technology was to impel the transformation of the human form into a vehicle for higher functions. In their words, it was a process of "making gods."

     This profound goal is reflected in the tradition that was followed by the clergy and Royal House for thousands of years. Of this tradition, we know of three essential components:
• Cosmic Resonance    • Esoteric Architecture    • Theurgy

... and within these three components were several disciplines. These practices are thoughtfully presented in detail for modern students in two volumes ...
  The Esoteric Wisdom Revealed

   This groundbreaking work is a detailed course in the cosmology, religious iconography, and esoteric philosophy of ancient Egypt – allowing the reader to intimately understand the pharaonic wisdom.

   It is the first work to examine the knowledge of cosmic resonance, esoteric architecture, and theurgy in the manner that these arts were truly employed. You will learn the Egyptian view of nature and spirit, their origins and meaning.

   Here, the mandates of the Solar, Lunar, and Stellar temple traditions are also disclosed, traditions that taught and practiced an integrated system of ritual power that was the foundation of Egypt's esoteric tradition. Chapters include:

              Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt
                         * A Sacred Astronomy                    * The Divine House
                         * The House of Life                         * The House of the Dead
                         * The Masters of the Temple          * Initiation

                Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt

The Spiritual Practice Restored

   This volume – the long-awaited sequel to The Sacred Tradition – is the first comprehensive manual and liturgy for the modern Egyptian working temple. Detailed research of ancient texts and inscriptions has been undertaken to provide rubrics, invocations, and spells in the ancient language with English translation.

   Rituals are designed for use by either the solitary practitioner or temple group, and a complete repertoire is provided for observing daily, monthly, and annual ceremonies. Chapters include:

     * Khesu - Daily Rites for Purification and Offering
     * Iru - Monthly Ceremonies for the Divinities of an Annual Calendar
     * Hebu - Festivals for Dedication, Marriage, Thanksgiving, Transition
     * Kheperu - Rites of Transformation

The years spent in compiling this work have revealed to me that ancient Egyptian spirituality
is as transforming and relevant to us today as it was to the ancients.
         – Rosemary Clark

Excerpts from the books...

        Egypt portrays our godliness and our power to raise knowledge and action to a high order of achievement. This has endured through the ages, and reminds us in the present of what it is we really are, and could strive to become.   

        The choreography of three disciplines – cosmic resonance, esoteric architecture, and theurgy – comprised the practice of Sacred Science. With this, the Egyptians believed that they were accomplishing two spiritual goals:

Maintaining the interface between the three worlds – the divine, the human, and nature;
Realizing the ultimate accomplishment of human life – transformation into divine existence, consciously and progressively.

Sety Astronomical Ceiling

Cosmic Resonance

The science of invoking and communicating with divine forces via celestial timing.

   The Egyptians practiced a sacred astronomy – that is, they observed celestial events in context with their connection to terrestrial life. This stems from their belief that divine forces reside in all natural phenomena – the Sun, Moon, planets, stars – and that their appearances marked significant events for other living beings. From this body of knowledge many of the skywatching traditions of prophecy, prediction, astrology, and geomancy arose.

Esoteric Architecture

The architectural encryption of sacred principles in monumental building.

    The Egyptians employed numerology, sacred geometry, measures found in nature, and mathematical models based on celestial motion to design sacred spaces. An intricate approach to constructing their temples, tombs, and pyramids included the use of symbolic art and rich building materials. For example, certain stones and metals were viewed as emanations of divine qualities, such as light and permanence.
Valley Temple Giza


Theurgy – Divine Work

   Magic forms the underpinnings of Egyptian spiritual practice.

   Heka ("creative power") was regarded as an innate sense in human beings, one that allowed communication and union with divine life and nature. Heka employed sound, scent, gesture, and a repertoire of literature that was believed to have been endowed to the human race by the gods.

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